multimedia contact center web management.

SELTA application suite for multi-channel, multimedia, web-based contact center management. IPvalue® is modular, scalable, intuitive and remotely managed, besides being based on a virtualized server architecture. Thanks to this software platform, companies can meet the needs of their users, rationalizing and strengthening communications to offer an increasingly organized, functional and productive service. IPvalue® makes contact with the company people more effective, wherever they are and through all available channels (telephone, web, wireless devices) by offering solutions ranging from entry-level for the small call center to extensive configurations with the need to interface sophisticated CRM.

Providing inbound and outbound functionalities, IPvalue® integrates voice, data and video allowing you to effectively manage the communications that exist between users and the company. Multichannel ACD, IVR, telephone and pc operator interface integrated with company and dedicated applications, integration on web browser with CRM, customizable reporting, virtualization, are just some of its features.

Main advantages:

  • optimization of sales teams who work in a structured and monitored way by managers
  • improvement of the customer experience thanks to leaner and more efficient processes
  • management of local and remote operators with the same level of service, without geographical constraints thanks to VoIP and standard SIP
  • more productive operators, ready to solve problems at any time and place
  • simplification of operators activity; they can use the pc without a landline phone with complete autonomy even when on the move or from home
  • optimal distribution of workloads between groups of operators (Multi-Manager solution)
  • redundant telephone system and call center which reduce the risk of outages and data loss, increasing reliability
  • increase customer satisfaction in the long term and improve the perception of the company
  • monitor critical business processes such as customer care thanks to the availability of both real-time and historical reports

IPvalue® can be used in standard mode on Media Server combined with SAMIP® Communication Server or in Virtual Contact Center mode in combination with BRAVO® Unified Communications & Collaboration, virtualizing resources on VMware vSphere and Red Hat infrastructures RHEV. The virtualization of the Contact Center solution allows you to optimize IT resources and reduce the management costs of the entire system. IPvalue® in a virtualized version contributes to the reduction of hardware costs and energy consumption and allows complex configurations such as those in high reliability (Fault Tolerant and Fault Resilient) with the management of user transparent failovers. IPvalue®, combined with BRAVO® solution, guarantees continuity of service without any "single point of failure" even in geographic redundancy scenarios with distributed agents.

technical features

Automatic Contact Distributor
  • Distribution of contacts based on specific operator skills and customer priority
  • Assignment of calls to the operators of the different work groups according to the services offered to customers
  • Integrated logic for uniform control of telephone, mail and web contacts
  • Possibility of direct call assignment to an operator
  • Notification to users in queue of waiting position and estimated waiting time
  • Notification to the supervisor of deviations from the established SLAs
Console operator
  • Complete control of the telephone workstation: call, answer, parking, transfer, consultation, conference
  • Synchrony of the data associated with the call being transferred from one operator to another
  • Ability to record the ongoing conversation
  • Console customization for each call and service
  • Management of attachments and customized templates for e-mail contacts
  • Chat and co-browsing functionality
  • Chat and instant messaging between operators and supervisor
  • Display of the customer queue on hold with the possibility of taking a call manually
Manager / Supervisor Console
  • Real-time graphs display for calls on hold, in progress, abandoned
  • Real-time graphs display for average waiting time in queue, conversation time, deviations from pre-established service levels
  • Real-time notification and control of the status and the activity of operators
  • Possibility of real-time movement of contacts from one queue to another and movement of operators from one group to another
  • Listening and speaking on the current phone calls of the operators
  • View and export reports in graphical format
  • Opportunity to build customized reports
Administration features
  • Flexible and runtime management of users, roles, channels and campaigns
  • Instant modification of activation times, service parameters, customization of call flows and presentation of data to operators
  • Possibility to record voice announcements on wave format files and associate them with a call flow
  • Ability to configure availability services
Campaign Manager
  • Ability to access data with any type of database and external application via ODBC
  • Possibility of guiding the call flow through a control interface
  • Scalable, distributed architecture, with the possibility of remote component management
  • Integrated management of telephone, e-mail, web, fax and SMS channels
Outbound services
  • Telephone outbound engine with uniform distribution of loads on operators in service
  • Ability to run multiple campaigns simultaneously
  • Management of predictive outbound for the optimization of operators' working times
  • Call-me-back management
Call Flow Editor
  • Graphical interface for the interactive creation of services
  • Ability to define macro-nodes for telephone, e-mail and access to data sources
  • Ability to create reusable macro-node libraries
  • Online help
  • Implementation of the parameters and resources of a call flow with the administration console via web
  • Automatic transfer and immediate activation on the call flow server