FTTH Conference 2024

19 – 21 March 2024 – HUB 27, Messe, Berlin

The FTTH Conference is Europe’s largest FTTH-focused event, attracting a very high-profile pan-European audience of decision-makers, investors, technical and regulatory experts, with 90% of visitors coming from 42 European countries.

Germany, the hosting country, is the largest FTTH market in the EU39+UK area, anticipated to experience significant growth in fibre coverage in the next five years. There is still a lot of work to be done, not only in this market but at the European level, to meet the ambitious targets for digital connectivity set by the European Commission by 2030.

The FTTH Conference attracts a broad and important representation of business leaders, technology experts, policy makers and investors from across the telecom ecosystem.

This opens the door to many challenges, and all the most relevant issues together with the latest regulatory developments for the telecom sector and the usual focuses on the most dynamic European markets, will find relevance within the programme of the event, featuring up to 24 workshops, 16 conference panel sessions, and multiple high-profile keynote speeches.

Visit us at the Booth 25 – Hall B06.

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Register at the following link to participate: www.ftthconference.eu .