Complete control over the entire network

SNMS-ON is an application platform that provides monitoring, management and configuration of complex distributed networks. Designed to monitor tens of thousands of devices through a single instance, it offers the power, scalability and flexibility needed for businesses and operators. It manages standard network devices such as routers and switches but, thanks to the standard SNMP protocol (Simple Network Management Protocol), it is able to manage any type of SNMP device, such as MUX, PDH and SDH devices.

SNMS-ON is a simple and flexible web-based application. Its client-server architecture allows operators to be connected to the system via any web browser on a desktop computer or mobile device. SNMS-ON is based on the OpenNMS open source platform that uses the most innovative software technologies, is constantly updated and provides the FCAPS model (Fault Configuration Accounting Performance Security), according to ISO recommendations. SNMS-ON runs on virtual machines, is independent of the operating system and can be run on all versions of Windows or Linux distribution.