SELTA is an Italian technology company born and raised with the aim of innovating and supporting the digital transformation process of the markets. We are leaders in the Automation and Smart Grids sectors for energy and transport, public and private Telecommunications, Enterprise Communications and Smart Working, Cyber Security.

Energy Automation & Smart Grids

Ever smarter electricity and gas networks.

Enterprise Communications

Networks enabling voice, data and video services.

Cyber Security

Security and protection of data and networks

We design solutions for the automation of energy and transport networks, for public and private telecommunications networks as well as for Cyber Security, an area in which we collaborate with the Italian Ministry of Interior and Defense.
With 2 Research and Development centers, SELTA is the largest Italian manufacturer of technologies and solutions for automation and remote control of electricity and gas networks, enterprise communications and smart working, ultrabroadband access networks, and is one of the main players in Europe.


Markets and reference businesses in which SELTA has been operating for over 45 years


We believe that customers are one of the strongest reason to innovate

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