hi-tech innovation for digital infrastructures

DP Selta Infrastructures is an Italian technology company born and raised with the aim of innovating to support the digital transformation process of the markets.

It’s a leader in Automation and Smart Grids for energy and transport sectors, public and private telecommunications, enterprise communication and smart working, cyber security.

DP Selta Infrastructures’ competence and experience in the field extend over more than 45 years, a period in which the company has collaborated and closed important relationships with private companies of all sizes, central and local public organizations, entities that offer public utility services and telecommunications operators.




1972 is the year in which DP Selta Infrastructures was born with the first laboratory for the design of transmission and automation systems for private networks in Milan. Since then DP Selta Infrastructures has achieved important growth successes: from the first production line for remote control devices and protections for electrical networks, to the entry into the telecommunications and telephone switching market as the first Italian manufacturer to adopt digital switching technology and PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) coding on its telephone switchboard lines. In the following years, the portfolio of solutions has enriched with ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) technology, wireless, hybrid IP platforms and those based on virtualization. DP Selta Infrastructures obtains the ANIE Innovation Award for the development of the S@EIPX hybrid IP platform. In the electricity grids sector, DP Selta Infrastructures has had and has a significant part in the innovation of the electricity grid in Italy and in various foreign countries. It has been one of the first European companies to develop platforms compliant with the IEC 61850 standard for the management of the transportation network, becoming Terna’s largest supplier. In 2011, thanks to an acquisition operation, the company also entered the cyber security sector.

DP Selta Infrastructures’ strength comes from the market itself, from the trust that customers and partners give us”

DP Selta Infrastructures is now part of DigitalPlatforms.


Passion for innovation and its value for the business

Expertise and experience in the targeted markets

Flexibility in adapting the solution to the customer

Natively safe, reliable and resilient solutions



In DP Selta Infrastructures’ future vision, public and private critical infrastructures will be increasingly performing, available and able to provide users with an increasing number of services that allow them to optimize, automate and support even predictive behaviors. It will also continue to significantly increase the number of sensors connected to the electricity, water, gas and telecommunications networks and this will allow the collection of a growing amount of data on which to make analysis to support decisions. Automation, smart grid, industrial IoT, smart working, smart city technologies will be pervasive in this scenario of distributed intelligence.


Our mission is to innovate through the development of advanced and safe technologies for the automation and enhancement of energy and telecommunications networks. DP Selta Infrastructures is the ideal partner to support the digital transformation process of companies of all sizes, telecommunications operators, operators and utilities of electricity, water and gas networks, multiutilities, institutions and public administration bodies.



  • continuous innovation
  • enhancement of Customer eXperience
  • flexibility in customization
  • closeness to the customer in pre- and post-sales
  • high level of specialist skills
  • international certified network of partners


Attention to social issues is part of DP Selta Infrastructures’ sensitivity and values. Each year the company participates in social support projects and sponsors youth-oriented school and sports initiatives. DP Selta Infrastructures was one of the first to join and actively participate in the “Support a class” project, born thanks to the close collaboration between schools, local companies and Confindustria with the aim of creating a close connection between the school and the world of work. This three-years project, then replicated nationally, ended in 2016 and allowed students to get in touch with work environment more directly, working closely with technicians, designers and managers. The project took the form of a real “pilot” stage as expected by “alternanza scuola-lavoro” Italian regulation.

DP Selta Infrastructures employees fully share the company’s values. In fact, every year, an internal fundraiser is promoted for the realization of special projects for African populations in collaboration with an Italian non-profit organization. The collections have made it possible to achieve important objectives such as the construction of wells in the city of Tin Tan, a small country in Africa.

environment sustainability

DP Selta Infrastructures is convinced that attention and care for the environment must become an integral part of cultures, especially with a thought aimed at future generations. This belief has become a real value that goes beyond the 20/20/20 directive imposed by the European Community on energy emissions and their reduction by 2020. With this orientation DP Selta Infrastructures has made its production and management processes compliant with the best standards for environmental sustainability (ISO 14001: 2015 certification). Furthermore, the company is directly involved in the use of renewable sources in its buildings, in particular high-performance photovoltaic systems and closed-circuit cooling systems based on underlying aquifers exploitation.