remote control unit with small, medium and large capacity.

STCE-RTU is an integrated system for remote control, chronological events recording and local automation of the electrical power networks. Modular, flexible and compatible with all the main protocols, both standard and proprietary, it is the ideal solution for every kind of network, even the most complex one. 

STCE-RTU manages the information from and towards the plant in an integrated way with the other electronic devices available in the station and it allows a fast, punctual and flexible communication with the network management centres. Its excellent performances make it suitable above all within the power networks, both in the HV/VHV transmission substations and in the HV/MV distribution substations.

The modular architecture and the distributed intelligence optimize its employment, which is made easier by several mechanical solutions.  STCE-RTU guarantees a nearly absolute availability. It offers the possibility to back-up all centralized parts and a high ability of chronological discrimination and synchronization. Sophisticated configuration and diagnostic equipment allow easy, prompt and effective maintenance intervention.

technical features

  • Acquisition of simple or multiple digital signals, analogue or digital measurements, power impulses
  • Setting of commands and set-points
  • Programming of filters, scale factors and threshold values
  • Up to 6 control centres with IEC 60870-5-101 and 104 or with other kinds of protocols
  • Employment within dedicated, switched or IP networks
  • Realization of distributed architectures with station LAN
  • Concentration of information coming from remote equipment or from local IEDs with standard or proprietary protocols
  • Conversion from proprietary to standard protocols
  • Advanced monitoring
  • Configuration of anyway complex SW algorithms for the generation of local automations and commands sequences
  • Programming according to the IEC 61131-3 standard
  • Interlocking functions
  • Web server access to diagnostic data and recorded files
  • Direct generation of plant documentation at the end of the configuration