Energy Automation & Smart Grids

Digital transformation serving increasingly smart networks

DP Selta Infrastructures is one of the main international players in the digital transformation of the energy sector and is one of the major players in Europe for Smart Grid projects which represent the enabling factor for the integration of renewable sources and energy efficiency through intelligent management of consumptions and services. In this scenario, DP Selta Infrastructures has collected important successes including the modernization of the national high voltage transport and medium voltage distribution networks, fielding over 100,000 systems for the remote management of the secondary substations of Enel, the first energy producer in Italy, and ensuring maximum availability of Terna’s, the Italian transmission operator, network.

DP Selta Infrastructures solutions are used in different countries and continents. They are adopted in Russia for the management of high and very high voltage grid plants, in Indonesia for the transmission grid nodes, in Africa for the management of hydroelectric production plants, in Pakistan for the medium and high voltage grid. DP Selta Infrastructures also provides solutions for service telecommunications in railway networks and telecommunications solutions based on powerline carrier technology.