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Hi-tech networks innovation

DP Selta Infrastructures’ offer is aimed at three different markets: telecommunications networks, electricity and transport networks, cyber security. The transversality of  DP Selta Infrastructures’ skills and experience is one of the major strengths found in the solutions designed and marketed.

The portfolio is complete and covers the innovation needs of customers’ networks, guaranteeing, at the same time, their security and protection. All DP Selta Infrastructures’ solutions are studied and implemented by our research laboratories also through collaborative projects with universities and European research centers. Production is in the direct control of the company through internal production lines and partly through the support of external partners directly supervised by our production engineers.

All this represents a guarantee both of technological innovation and adherence to the market, and of reliability of our solutions. Solutions can be tailor-made depending on specific markets’ and customers’ needs, a level of flexibility certainly appreciable.