Unified Communications & Hybrid Working

BRAVO is an innovative platform for all business companies based on concept of virtualization of IT resources. Its native modules manage UCC applications such as videoconferencing and fixed/mobile integration services. BRAVO platform has been designed with a high intrinsic level of IT security and is completely based on the concept of customer-centricity. The customer has at his disposal communications tools and services and efficient management of devices and people connected to the network.

BRAVO can be implemented in various scenarios, from single-branch and distributed private organizations to Telco and ISPs data centers, to provide services in as-a-service model. The multi-tenant architecture fully supports the needs of operators allowing them to serve multiple customers on a single platform, maximizing IT resources and ensuring the highest quality services.

Among the main benefits there are:

  • Centralized communication and management of network devices
  • Multi-tenant on-premise and cloud architecture
  • Simple and fast implementation
  • Costs optimization
  • Vertical applications
  • Customer engagement
  • Flexible business model
  • Scalable growth
  • Salesforces ubiquity
  • Team engagement

technical features

  • Unified messaging: CTI integration (fax, sms, voicemail)
  • Unified Presence: One presence/ One number for all the devices (all ringing)
  • LDAP integration: shared address book (Exchange, Office 365)
  • Call services (all devices): booking, waiting, transfer, answering, voicemail, call log
  • Conferencing
  • Video Call
  • Fixed-Mobile convergence: VoIP calls via Android / iOS smartphone
  • Fixed-Mobile convergence: active call transfer on all devices with a clic
  • Fixed-Mobile convergence: caller view
  • Fixed-Mobile convergence: manual handover from WLAN to GSM
  • Fixed-Mobile convergence: H.264 video call
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Multi-channel web call center
  • Back-to-back services
  • Linux Server, Apache http/https Web Server
  • Hot Redundancy / Disaster Recovery Plan