Substation automation bay units

SA100 (Bay Control Unit) and SA200 (Bay Monitoring Unit) are the electronic units, Bay Unit, belonging to the STCE family for substation automation. They are installed at the electrical stalls, are interconnected via optical LAN controlled by a station computer, and represent the ideal system for operators of high and very high voltage electricity networks, who need to renew the control and automation systems of the stations in order to maximize the efficiency and quality of the service offered.

SA100 and SA200 systems grants:

  • a unique, scalable and easily extensible architecture based on the concept of interoperability between the various control, monitoring and protection units
  • the automation, both centralized and distributed on the various stalls, no longer built with electromechanical relays but via software with standard IEC 61131 interface
  • a 100 Mbit / s Ethernet standard station LAN with a single IEC 61850 standard protocol (client and server) which enables interoperability between the stall units and the protection relays, allowing the evolution over time of the individual systems or the integration with third-party systems
  • the integration of protections and IED devices equipped with standard buses or proprietary serial and parallel interfaces
  • the synchronization of the entire system via GPS receiver, transmitted to the stall units through an optical network, independent from the station LAN, based on the IRIG-B and NTP protocols
  • an easy and safety plant configuration through station workstations
  • the simple insertion of the station automation system into the hierarchically competent telecontrol network, with standard IEC 60870 protocols (101 client and 104 client) and with free access to all the information and functionalities necessary for optimizing the electricity network and its maintenance
  • complete command and control of a stall

technical features

  • Interface with the field signals both directly through Input/Output cards and logically through the LAN
  • Command and control of circuit breakers and disconnector switches, with direct connection without intermediate relays
  • Interlocking logics among devices of the same bay and among devices of different bays
  • Direct connection with the protections or realized through the LAN
  • Automation functions, either multi-bay or relevant to the local bay, carried out with IEC 61131-3 logics
  • Digital Events Recording with 1 ms resolution and subsequent forwarding to the station computer for offline analysis
  • Process measurements (voltage, current, active power, reactive power, frequency), through direct transducerless connection
  • Syncrocheck function, also with asynchronous closures (networks with different frequencies)
  • 10" colour display with graphic representation of the bay and of the position of all devices, and with alarms list display.
  • The display is integrated in a simple functional keyboard to allow local commands
  • Key selection of the command modes: local, remote, excluded, out of service.
  • Dedicated serial interface vs control, monitoring and protection devices based and not based on 61850 protocol
  • Perturbations recording (DFR) with storing of COMTRADE files and automatic forwarding to the Station Computer
  • Monitoring of electromechanical devices (circuit breakers, transformers, etc.) with direct transducerless connection