Protecting information and veryfing security.



  • Design and security of networks and data centers
  • Information security assessment in design e deployment of workstations
  • Design and implementation of classified data networks
  • Design and implementation of critical infrastructures (I and II Class reserved area, shielding, CIS areas)

  • Deployment and maintenance of Tempest Hardware e Peripherals
  • Support in the drawing up of preparatory documentation for the approval of the areas (physical risk analysis, CIS risk analysis, internal safety regulation, COMSEC plans)
  • Customized software development
  • PNRM project development 
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test
  • Test report Tempest measures execution for Authorities

SELTA has an exclusive laboratory dedicated to cybersecurity, accredited in a “civil” setting by OCSI as a Formal Information Security Assessment Laboratory (LVS) and accredited in a “military / governmental” setting by DIS / UCS as an Information Security Assessment Center ( CE.VA.) according to the Common Criteria (ISO / IEC 15408), the standard underlying the release by OCSI and DIS / UCSe of internationally recognized certifications:

  • formal assessment according to the Common Criteria (ISO / IEC 15408) of the security of ICT systems / products and protection profiles, aimed at obtaining certification by OCSI / DIS / UCSE and internationally recognized.
  • support to companies in the definition of Security Targets or Protection Profiles compliant with Common Criteria requirements.
  • assistance to companies during the certification process of ICT systems / products in the context of assessments aimed at obtaining Common Criteria certifications (ISO / IEC 15408).