SAMBHA® 48C is an IP-DSLAM solution, sealed and extremely light and compact, suitable for all situations in which the equipment must be installed outdoors, ideal for example in FTTCab type scenarios. It is a 48-port VDSL2 optical network unit whose deployment in the field is fast and low-impact. In fact, SAMBHA® 48C can be installed in existing street cabinets and, thanks to a special remote power supply, it can be powered by the Central Office through the copper twisted pairs.

Thanks to an architecture whose core is ultra-fast, SAMBHA® 48C is able to enable 48 ADSL2 + / VDSL2 connections through non-blocking ports and exploiting bonding techniques on copper twisted pairs (EFM) which, being synchronized to support vectoring criteria according to G.993.5 standard (G.vector), it can easily reach 100 Mbit/s in downstream and 50 Mbit/s in upstream for each single line in the field.

SAMBHA® 48C, on purpose designed as a sealed shell, is able to guarantee passive dissipation even in environments with high temperatures, thus eliminating the need for any forced ventilation through the use of fans and with great advantages in controlling maintenance costs. SAMBHA® 48C is able to manage Ethernet OAM described in IEEE 802.1ag (IEEE. CFM) and ITU-T Y.1731 (ITU-T.OAM).

These standards define the concept of Maintenance association End Point (MEP) and Maintenance Association Intermediate Point (MIP), which are configured per port, per VLAN and per domain level of maintenance. SAMBHA® 48C is also able to manage the 802.3ah protocol (IEEE.EFM) which allows to detect faults on the link layer and to provide the SyncE / 1588v2 mechanism to support the transport of the specific synchronization signal for mobile backhauling applications.

technical features

  • Outdoor and manhole installation thanks to the IP68 protection system
  • Remote power supply
  • VDSL2 with vectoring (with SLV and xDLV) and bonding
  • VDSL and ADSL fallback
  • Multicast with IGMP snooping
  • Priority queuing for QoS and Hierarchical QoS
  • complete management with SELTA Element Manager solution
  • Non-blocking 6 Gbit / s switching
  • IEEE EFM bonding
  • FTTB / Cab applications
  • IEEE 1588v2, SyncE, NTP, NTR Timing
  • L2 Ethernet OAM (802.3ah, 802.1ag, Y.1731)