Area Vasta 5 is the health unit belonging to ASUR Marche and point of reference of the Italian territories of Ascoli Piceno and San Benedetto del Tronto. It is willing to introduce a hybrid work model in which people can work in the physical office or in the remote one according to Smart Working principles. AV5’s need arised with the global pandemic situation in 2019, a time of new rules in which the flexibility and customization capability of a Smart Mobile Office is welcome.


Area Vasta 5 assigned the project realization to one of the main certified partners of DP Selta Infrastructures , with the final goal of creating smart workstations having service delivery features independent of the user's location. For this purpose, the BRAVO Service Delivery Platform was activated over the existing telecommunications infrastructure which was maintained in order to protect past investments. BRAVO, by integrating a dedicated server, makes it possible to provide legacy communication services on all types of user devices, including the desktop phone. With a view to smart working, the need for devices integration, configuration flexibility and strong mobility features were considered. The BRAVO platform has been implemented in its main features, enabling a full range of Unified Communications & Collaboration services while maintaining the continuity of legacy services already available in the standard office.


Thanks to the innovative DP Selta Infrastructures project, Area Vasta 5 local health unit has become very flexible and works in a smart way compared to the old office models. People no longer have to stay at their desks and can work from anywhere using their devices. If you have multiple devices located in different places, during the call they ring at the same time and the user can decide on which device to pick up the call. Besides it can change the device while the conversation is already going on and set the list of enabled devices along with many other features that make the workstation mobile. The users have an IP desk phone + PC client, or an IP desk phone + PC client + mobile Smart App, or an IP desk phone + mobile Smart App.