In the context of the City of Milan's improvement goals, the Municipality has taken into consideration the modernization of the public lighting network in order to optimize energy consumption and provide citizens with a more reliable and secure service. Once selected the multi utility partner the project management evaluated different technological solutions potentially suited to innovate the Milan lighting network. The A2A multi utility has managed the entire project during 2017 and SELTA has been selected with a technological proposal fully adhering to the required level of innovation and high performance, typical of a telecontrol system.


The DP Selta Infrastructures system is able to accommodate new services optimized for management through scalable architecture that can grow by integrating new hardware and software to meet new needs, protecting existing investments. The architecture provides a SCADA / Front End Supervision system redundantly connected and connected via a LAN to a server station that performs data storage and WEB access to connect 4 HMI remote workstations. The LAN also has 2 central and peripheral development and configuration locations and 4 local HMI stations. The solution is complemented by a system for managing the availability service with support for sms, e-mail, and voice messages.


The benefits of DP Selta Infrastructures are many. First of all, 51.8% ENERGY SAVINGS, equivalent to 11033 TEPs (equivalent tones of oil), which enabled A2A to access Energy Efficiency Certificates (TTEs or White Certificates) and to improve environmental sustainability of its activities. The Municipality of Milan has distinguished itself as the promoter of an eco-sustainable project that, by optimizing the use of energy, contributes to PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT and the citizens. The city is now safer, thanks to the greater reliability of the public lighting network where new LED light bulbs are smartly telecontrolled, with a high life expectancy of 10,000 LESSED BULBS.