As part of the project aimed to optimize and modernize the distribution network, Alperia, an utility operating in Alto Adige, wants to activate new intelligent services for network remote monitoring. Besides the most innovative functions of telecontrol and supervision, the goal is also to have suitable front-ends to interface existing systems and to have the possibility to store data and track events to make them analyzable at a later time. Alperia wants to strengthen the central point of management, minimizing the upgrade interventions in the peripheral sites, preserving the investments in place and optimizing rollout times.


DP Selta Infrastructures deployed an RTU/SCADA solution in an overall plant made up of 17 primary stations, remote controlled with Enel equipment, and 2500 secondary substations for a total value of about 35,000 I/O. The SCADA eXpert DMS has been installed in addition to SELTA STCE-RTU system in the secondary stations. SCADA eXpert allows Alperia to remotely monitor the entire network in real time, view the topology with the possibility of zooming on specific stations/substations, perform off-line network analysis in standard and fault setting, and finally record data. eXpert also plays the role of SCADA simulator replicating the actual DMS to study collected data, validate and chronologically reconstruct events.


DP Selta Infrastructures has introduced multiple advantages for the operator. First of all, it has modernized and made the management of the network and its own behavior more intelligent by using innovative protocols such as IEC61850. This has also led to advantages in terms of security and connectivity, thanks to the use of protocols such as IEC870.5.101/104 and Modbus RTU/IP. In addition, a Disaster Recovery Plan has been implemented ensuring high availability of the entire network that is combined with greater scalability, both as number and type of interfaceable systems and opportunities for systems’ hardware upgrade.