National electricity authority in Pakistan, NTDC (National Transmission & Dispatch Company), has decided to extend its network including areas not yet served. Power grid expansion project needs a remote control system and a service telecommunications system able to manage it. Another important element is the SCADA platform, provided with a local interface, able to display the alarms coming from the peripheral devices.


DP Selta Infrastructures has been able to respond to customer’s needs thanks to its complete portfolio for automation and telecommunications. Regarding service telecommunications, DP Selta Infrastructures’ systems have provided: - a stable and fast transmission line - the possibility to create a ringed network, capable to solve traffic addressing problems by selecting different routes and to enable network redundancy, also using different transmission media - advanced diagnostic tools: real time fault and graphical history of faults and amount of data transmitted Regarding the remote control system, it’s possible: - to transmit all the information via standard protocol to remote and local control centers or to remote operations for maintenance - to check operations independently from control center through software and hardware interlocking - to have a local device able to manage all data, in particular: recording, storing and printing; transmission to the control center; displaying for local operator in order to evaluated the scenario of a passed fault


National electricity authority in Pakistan, NTDC, has been able to extend its power grid bringing electricity in areas not yet served through a solution of high efficiency and reliability. DP Selta Infrastructures implemented on the field an high quality solutions bringing better life conditions for people living in the country. DP Selta Infrastructures has been of supplier-partner, granting availability and services also during post implementation phases.


NTDC (National Transmission & Dispatch Company)