Integrated system for peripheral remote control

STCE-RMU is the DP Selta Infrastructures compact solution for remote control and monitoring of the distribution substations, suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. Its compact structure has been specifically conceived for utilities that have to manage a large number of peripheral places, anyway requiring high level performances: like the other systems belonging to the same family, STCE-RMU has a wide range of functionalities, to cope with all remote control needs of secondary power distribution grids.

This reliable and safe peripheral remote control equipment is able to manage the information exchange between the plant and the other devices of the system, such as transducers, automatic control, protection and recording equipment, local supervision systems.

STCE-RMU allows the single remote and control equipment to communicate with the network management centres in an integrated, fast, precise and flexible way, using IEC standard protocols. It can be integrated in different data transmission networks and connects all the interested centres. Besides the traditional functionalities such as collection of both analog and digital data, alarms, measures, and the release of commands, setting and adjustments, STCE-RMU is completed by several main functions, like the SEO (Sequence of events), the automatic generation of sequences for adjustment and command, the acquisition and the modification of the operating parameters of the connected external equipment.

technical features

  • Reliability and security
  • High processing capacity that can be customized according to requests
  • High communication skills in line with the latest network systems and protocols
  • High chronological selection ability
  • Simple, fast and efficient maintenance
  • Compact local control panel for direct field management
  • Two analogue AC inputs for direct connection to the current transformer (up to 1A or 5A + 20% overload) for optimization of new installations
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors; wall or switch mounting
  • Web architecture and software tool for local and remote maintenance
  • Programmable automation logics in compliance with IEC 61131 standards