Unified Communications & Smart Working.

BRAVO is an innovative Unified Communications and Smart Working solution based on the concept of virtualization of IT resources. Its native modules manage UCC applications such as videoconferencing and fixed/mobile integration services. BRAVO platform has been designed with a high intrinsic level of IT security and is completely based on the concept of customer-centricity. The customer has at his disposal communications tools and services and efficient management of devices and people connected to the network.

BRAVO can be implemented in various scenarios, from single-branch and distributed private organizations to Telco and ISPs data centers, to provide services in as-a-service model. The multi-tenant architecture fully supports the needs of operators allowing them to serve multiple customers on a single platform, maximizing IT resources and ensuring the highest quality services.

Among the main benefits there are:

  • Centralized communication and management of network devices
  • Multi-tenant on-premise and cloud architecture
  • Simple and fast implementation
  • Costs optimization
  • Vertical applications
  • Customer engagement
  • Flexible business model
  • Scalable growth
  • Salesforces ubiquity
  • Team engagement

technical features

  • Unified messaging: CTI integration (fax, sms, voicemail)
  • Unified Presence: One presence/ One number for all the devices (all ringing)
  • LDAP integration: shared address book (Exchange, Office 365)
  • Call services (all devices): booking, waiting, transfer, answering, voicemail, call log
  • Conferencing
  • Video Call
  • Fixed-Mobile convergence: VoIP calls via Android / iOS smartphone
  • Fixed-Mobile convergence: active call transfer on all devices with a clic
  • Fixed-Mobile convergence: caller view
  • Fixed-Mobile convergence: manual handover from WLAN to GSM
  • Fixed-Mobile convergence: H.264 video call
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Multi-channel web call center
  • Back-to-back services
  • Linux Server, Apache http/https Web Server
  • Hot Redundancy / Disaster Recovery Plan