The local service provider Naquadria has invested in the fiber hyperlink of its tier-3 datacenter in partnership with OpenFiber and is able to provide very high performances to business and consumer users. Among the services Naquadria wants to offer to its customers, there is the intelligent communication service. The operator has in fact received several requests for this kind of service which would be greatly enhanced by the high performance of the infrastructure on which the datacenter is based. In addition to the high level of service, it would be possible to guarantee maximum security by using the infrastructure as if it were a private network.


DP Selta Infrastructures installed the BRAVO multi-tenant platform in the data center of Naquadria, configuring it so that the range of intelligent communication services offered can be activated on multiple independent customers. Customers requesting this type of service will be able to simply connect, in a plug & play manner, IP phones in their offices and, if they wish, install the BRAVO Smart App on company or personal smartphones by optimizing mobile communications, thanks to the high level of fixed-mobile integration of the BRAVO solution. The operator, on the other hand, thanks to the multi-tenancy feature, will be able to perform system upgrades in a centralized and parallel way for all customers. Given the speed and simplicity of deployment, there are no activation costs.


The main advantages for end customers are: - dematerialisation: no physical communication system installed on-premises - the speed and simplicity of activation, scalability over time according to needs - the high quality of service and infrastructure-related security The advantages for the service provider are: - offer enlargement with an innovative smart working solution - the multi-tenancy of the platform installed in the data center - the ability to customize new needs thanks to a vendor like DP Selta Infrastructures