SELTA becomes member of the Open Networking Foundation


SELTA becomes member of the Open Networking Foundation

The company has launched an innovative project for the disaggregated optical access of Telco networks

Piacenza (Italy) – January 19th, 2021 – SELTA, an Italian hi-tech vendor operating in the energy, telecommunications and cyber security sectors, is pleased to announce it has joined the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), an operator led consortium driving transformation of mobile and broadband network infrastructure and business models leveraging white box hardware, open source software and software defined standards.

The membership of SELTA in the Open Networking Foundation is another important step in the strategic planning of the Italian company which, recently, announced an agreement with the prestigious CNIT, the National Interuniversity Consortium for Telecommunications, which brings together 37 Italian universities.

“We are pleased to have SELTA join the VOLTHA project”said Timon Sloane, Vice President Marketing and Ecosystem, ONF. “VOLTHA is an open source solution for enabling multi-vendor Passive Optical Networking (PON) solutions on white box hardware. Operators worldwide are adopting this new exciting architecture, and we are thrilled to see new entrants like SELTA joining this growing ecosystem.”

SELTA’s innovative development projects include the creation of solutions for the disaggregated optical access of Telco networks and, with longer-term plans, also on other layers of the Software Defined Networks (SDN), the new networks with agile architecture where the management and configuration is separated from the underlying infrastructure. The new solutions will be based on ONF’s VOLTHA™ open source platform which supports the “any broadband access as a service” principle for Telco networks both providing a GPON control and management system for white-box and proprietary PON devices, and behaving as a programmable Ethernet switch towards the SDN controller.

“SELTA has always had a leading role in the design of technologies for telecommunications networks in Italy” said Stefano Crespi, Extraordinary Commissioner, SELTA. “From xDSL to FTTCab solutions that contributed to the spread of ultra-broadband, today we are very excited with this new strategic projects that will help operators to move to more flexible and powerful networks.”

The new developments will engage an extended team that includes SELTA engineers, and a dedicated team from the telecommunications department of the university of Tor Vergata in Rome with which, as part of the CNIT agreement, the creation of a testing laboratory within the telecommunications research and development area located in the SELTA headquarters in Tortoreto (Teramo) is already ongoing.