TDM/IP telephone systems for service telecommunications.

CTFC is the medium & small capacity telephone switchboard with attendant console, a solution necessary in railway networks for legacy telecommunications. This system was originally designed for the French national railway network, where it is working with excellent results. Now it has been suited to all utilities that want to optimize their investment, not only maintaining, but also maximizing, the value of the existing traditional networks, empowering them with the most advanced technologies based on IP protocol.

CTFC is a powerful and advanced telephone switch interconnecting the existing utility's legacy telephony devices with the VoIP users. This allows making service telephone calls among several users of the railway or utility network with a scalable solution. CTFC is a highly technological and innovative solution, offering significant advantages, such as:

  • convergence on the same equipment of both traditional telephony and standard VoIP architectures, requiring the interaction with SIP users (SIP phone)
  • compliant with the RFF/SNCF legacy telephony specifications
  • only two kinds of card as interface to all legacy lines to ensure maximum efficiency
  • modular architecture to optimize the system, fitting it to the site size and with the possibility of future development
  • local or remote management system
  • easy maintenance and effective diagnostics

technical features

  • Integration between traditional and VoIP telephony
  • Management flexibility
  • Modularity
  • High scalability
  • High quality connection
  • Simplified installation, use and maintenance diagnostic
  • CTFC  console, Gooseneck microphone
  • Touch screen