Software platform for control and supervision centers

eXPert realizes supervision, control and automation centres for networks managed by utilities, integrating all the most advanced SCADA features in a single environment. A distributed and open architecture, the possibility to choose the number of stations according to the type of application and to use processors with different technology keeping full compatibility with programs and interfaces, besides the ability to be configured according plant and man/machine interface types, makes it the ideal solution for geographically distributed networks.

eXPert is a sophisticated supervision tool, which is able not only to easily transfer, process and store information, but also to create automatic procedures, to develop specific application functionalities, and to integrate itself with the corporate information networks or with Internet or intranet

eXPert is a scalable platform allowing to carry out supervision and remote control systems for small, medium and large networks, guaranteeing the complete compatibility with peripheral remote control equipment developed by SELTA and by other manufacturers. Furthermore, flexibility and modularity allow to create customized solutions, realizing supervision centres with multiple man-machine stations, multiple graphical monitors for each of them, and with more independent printers.

technical features

  • Use of IEC 61870-5-101 and IEC 61870-5-104 standards which allow interoperability with other proprietary and third-party devices
  • HMI function for viewing the entire MV network with zoom, pan and objects search functions, symbolic representation of the network elements
  • Different topology display levels: presence / absence of voltage and parallels, representation based on voltage levels and belonging routes
  • Calculation of the status of the individual network nodes and the belonging routes and the direction of the current
  • Analysis and research of the Dead Trunk
  • Storing of SCADA maneuvers and system pics on ORACLE standard DB
  • Study and Simulation Station for analysis and study of information related to interruptions in the supply of electricity
  • Validation of the maneuvers recorded by the remote control system
  • Offline network analysis and study of the various standard structures or actual interruption situations recorded by the remote control system
  • Chronological reconstruction of the disconnections and reconnections of the network users, validation of the maneuvers
  • Graphical tool for network topology configuration, graphical management of a unique map as a single document, possibility of creating multiple maps and joining them
  • Graphical processing of the network schema
  • Possibility of interfacing with NEPLAN
  • GIRE application for the compliance with Electricity Authority regulations regarding the "Recording obligations for outages"